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    Hello, Welcome To Zhuoyue International Business Law Consulting Co.,Ltd. EN | CN


    CPCC is dedicated to provide services such as professional business law consultancy, intellectual property protection, public relations in crisis, market research, acquisition and merger for Consulates of various countries in Chinese, companies on the FORTUNE 500 list, transnational corporations and their offices in China, well-known domestic enterprises and high-end enterprises. It has favorable reputation and popularity among its peers.

    The Company consists of elites from various industries, such as legists, lawyers, Public relations consultants in crisis, foreign business researchers, former prosecutors and judges, retired special forces officers and police officers, who have a wealth of practical experience in respective fields, providing you with efficient solutions and specific practices and operations. Due to uniqueness of its services, the Company has good communication with government offices and functional department, and keeps close cooperation with Industry and Commerce offices, quality and technical supervision offices, as well as public security departments, trying its best to provide services.

    The Company insists the service tenet of "Helping your enterprise to clear all obstacles along your journey", persisting in the principle of providing remarkable services and customers first, assisting customers to achieve their goals in a true, fast, safe and comprehensive manner, so as to develop splendid achievements.