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    Beijing gang fake Maotai was arrested

    Release Time:2018-03-01

    Recently, Beijing's Chaoyang Police arrested a criminal gang selling fake Maotai. The suspects Dengmou and Zhang were transferred to the procuratorial organs for prosecution for crimes involving the sale of counterfeit registered trademarks.
    May 2017 to June period, Deng Moumou together with Zhang in Chaoyang District, Beijing, a number of tobacco hotels, sales marked "Moutai" registered trademark of goods. June 10, 2017, Dengmou in Chaoyang District, Beijing, a cigarette retailer, to sell a static sales of "Moutai" registered trademark of goods, was seized on the spot.
    The accomplices Zhang was arrested and brought to justice on June 11, 2017. The police obtained 244 bottles (valued at more than 170,000 yuan) of goods marked with the registered trademark of "Guizhou Maotai" from the vehicles they drive and the place of temporary residence. It has been identified that the above-mentioned "Guizhou Maotai" registered trademarks of the goods are counterfeit registered trademarks of the goods.
    Chaoyang police handed the case to prosecutors for prosecution.
    Procuratorial organ believes that the defendants Dengmou, Zhang knowingly sells counterfeit registered trademarks of the goods, a larger amount of sales should be to sell counterfeit registered trademarks of the goods to pursue its criminal liability.